Xerox Office Printer Said to Cut Cost of Color Pages by Up to 62 Percent

NORWALK, CT—May 7, 2009—Xerox Corp. (NYSE: XRX) today launched the world’s first high-speed solid ink multifunction printer, which cuts the cost of color pages by up to 62 percent compared to traditional color lasers − without compromising print quality.

The Xerox ColorQube™ 9200 Series multifunction printer uses Xerox’s proprietary solid ink technology to lower the environmental impact of office printing. The cartridge-free design generates 90 percent less supplies waste and reduces the effects of manufacturing and transportation on the environment. A study reviewed by the Rochester Institute of Technology estimated that the ColorQube series uses 9 percent less lifecycle energy and produces 10 percent fewer greenhouse gases than a comparable laser device.

The multifunction system prints, scans and copies all in one device with advanced technology that simplifies use and maintenance. The crayon-like ink sticks are non-toxic and easy to load.

The ColorQube 9200 Series is offered with Xerox’s new Hybrid Color pricing plans that significantly reduce color page costs. The plans eliminate traditional “one-size-fits-all” pricing, where the cost of a page with full color, like printing a photo image, is the same as the cost of a page with just a little bit of color, such as a company logo on letterhead.

With the ColorQube’s Hybrid Color Plans, customers pay only for the amount of color they use on a given page. For example, an office document with a logo and small graphic will cost the same as if it were printed in black: one penny. Documents with moderate color coverage, like a Web page or brochure, will cost three cents, while those printed pages with heavy color, such as a real estate flyer, will cost eight cents. At the company’s newly launched Web site,, users compare their current cost of color printing to what they would pay using ColorQube.

“Our customers are looking for ways to achieve more with less,” said Ursula Burns, president, Xerox. “With ColorQube we are unlocking the benefits of color by taking the cost barrier out of the equation.”

Solid ink technology, which has been used in Xerox desktop printers for more than a decade, has been completely redesigned to achieve faster speeds and higher print volumes. The ColorQube 9200 Series is available in three models with different color speeds. Each has four print heads that can jet more than 150 million drops of ink per second, enabling speeds from 38 pages per minute (ppm) up to 85 ppm. The series also meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s rigorous new ENERGY STAR® requirements.

Developed by Xerox researchers and engineers in Rochester, N.Y., Wilsonville, Ore., and Welwyn Garden City, U.K. – and supported by 361 patents – the ColorQube was tested in actual customer environments for ease of use, image quality and the cost-saving features of the technology.

“Like many companies, Technip is looking for ways to be more sustainable and reduce costs, and I immediately saw the opportunity to do so with the ColorQube,” said Cliff Lee, IT operations manager, Technip USA, Inc., an engineering and project management company for the oil and gas industry and a ColorQube beta customer. “With ColorQube the majority of our color prints cost the same as black and white, and it takes just a fraction of the space to store solid ink compared to laser cartridges.”

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