Xerox Contributes to Haitian Relief, Encourages Employees to Donate

ROCHESTER, NY—January 18, 2010—Xerox Corp. has announced that it has directly contributed a total of $300,000 in donations to four non-profit organizations that are already at work in Haiti. CEO Ursula M. Burns sent the following memo to employees detailing the company’s contributions and encouraging employees to make their own donations:

To Xerox People:

I am sure that most of you have been watching in horror as the details of the tragedy in Haiti become clearer, the death toll mounts and the depth and breadth of the suffering unfolds. It’s an unspeakable disaster for a country and a people that have already endured so much pain and trauma — and now this natural disaster.

Xerox Is Helping
I’m sure also that you are heartened by the compassion and bravery of the many people and organizations who are trying desperately to bring some semblance of help and order to the chaos. As we have done so often before, Xerox is committed to being a part of the solution. We are making $300,000 in donations to four non-profit organizations that are already in Haiti:

• The American Red Cross will receive $100,000 to support disaster relief efforts—supplying water, food, shelter and medical care to those in need.

Save the Children will receive $100,000 to support its efforts to help the displaced children of Haiti, reunite them with family members when possible and provide temporary shelter when necessary.

Concern Worldwide will receive $50,000 for its efforts to establish and staff emergency medical clinics and provide other immediate relief effort.

Doctors Without Borders will receive $50,000 to support critically needed doctors and other medical staff.

These four organizations were chosen because they are addressing needs that are critical right now. All four have excellent reputations, already have established infrastructure on the ground in Haiti, have augmented these resources with additional staff during the past several days and have had previous partnerships with Xerox.

You Can Help Too
The links to the four organizations listed above will take you to their websites, tell you what they are doing in Haiti and show you how you can contribute. I encourage all of you to consider donating to one of them—or to any other organization of your choosing. If you do donate, let the organization know you are part of the Xerox family.

Although we have no direct employees in Haiti, Xerox conducts business there through a business partner, Haiti Xerographic Equipment and Office Supplies (XEOS). We have reports that their building has suffered only minor damage and that their people are safe. However, many of their neighboring buildings have collapsed. Other Xerox partners from the Caribbean and Latin America have already collected $12,000 to help XEOS.

Many Xerox people have families in Haiti and some have lost family members or friends. I hope you will reach out to your Haitian colleagues and let them know we are thinking of them and supporting them during this crisis.

The Xerox Employee Assistance Program (XEAP) is available for help during these stressful times. It can be difficult to know what to say to someone who has been impacted by a tragedy like this.

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