X-Igent Printing: Taking a New Direction

The X-Igent Printing staff hosted a Hawaiian luau-themed mixer last summer. The executive team, in the center from the left, includes Arvin Ochoa, business developer; Hugo Cervantes, vice president of operations; and Omar Rodriguez, president.

In 2007, the enterprise moved from a 4,000-square-foot facility in City of Commerce to a 6,000-square-foot plant in East Los Angeles. The relocation was a seamless transition, as the company only shut down operation for one day.

“We didn’t think the move was going to go as smoothly as it did. At that time, our intent was not to purchase the building we were occupying, but to move because our lease was up,” Rodriguez notes. “We started looking for a new building and found one in just two weeks. And, luckily for us, the person that was in the building at that time was actually a customer of ours, who let us move in a week ahead of schedule.”

Room to Grow

The move into a larger building allowed the brothers to move forward with many of their plans. “Our new facility has helped us expand into different markets, and has enabled us to purchase the equipment necessary to support the business. In our previous location, there was no room for any additional staff or equipment,” says Cervantes.

The added floor space allowed an investment in a Mimaki JV33-160 ink-jet printer, enabling X-Igent to enter the wide-format market. “At that time, everyone was telling us that the ‘future of print’ in regard to producing banners, posters, signage and decals was in wide-format printing,” recalls Rodriguez. “That’s a part of the business that we are trying to build. We have enough work for it, but we think it can still be a lot busier.”

Aside from the Mimaki ink-jet device, the company’s pressroom includes a two-color Heidelberg Quickmaster 46-2 offset press and the Quickmaster DI 46-4. In the next several months, X-Igent is also planning to purchase a 40˝ sheetfed press.

One of the biggest challenges the brothers feel the industry faces today is toner-based production. Rodriguez jokes, “If we can just get rid of all the copiers everyone has we would be in a better place.” Another challenge is that, with the move to becoming a more environmentally friendly pressroom—by using solventless chemicals—certain tasks that used to take 15 minutes now might take 30 minutes.

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