Writers Worthy of Praise –DeWese

I don’t understand why one day is a great day and the next day has to be a disaster. This happened to me on September 13th and 14th.

It’s tough on my psyche to go from euphoria to—boom—the pits in the space of 24 hours. Saturday, the 13th, was perfect. There was a great sale at K-Mart. I now have 24 large cans of Maxwell House French Roast coffee, 108 rolls of Viva paper towels and 108 rolls of Scott toilet tissue. As you know, these are some of my favorite brands. It’s not the bargains that thrilled me; it’s the stockpiling I’m after. I have a large family and it gives me comfort to know that we’re covered if there’s ever a great toilet paper shortage.

Hoarding is a genetic thing that my dear mother passed along to me. When she passed away, I found 15 pounds of Keller’s butter and 10 half-gallons of Edie’s ice cream in her freezer. Mother lived alone.

After a great Saturday I had a disastrous Sunday. The Philadelphia Eagles were humiliated by the New England Patriots 31-10 for their second straight loss. After two games, the Eagles were supposed to have clinched their division title.

Then I made a huge mistake by calling AOL to complain about being charged $23.90 four times on one of my credit cards for one month’s service. Huge mistake!

I was on the phone for 21⁄2 hours. I was transferred four times, disconnected three times and got to speak to four different CSRs—one of whom was in New Delhi. I didn’t get my money back, but I did see that I was only charged twice on the next credit card bill.

Helping the Economy

I negotiate things for a living. I’m supposed to be good at persuading people to my position. Well, my self-confidence was destroyed by this AOL experience. I think I am single-handedly financing AOL, and I’m their ticket to a restoration of their stock price.

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