Wowcards Receives Patent for Gift Card Direct Mail Solution

BOCA RATON, FL—Nov. 14, 2012—Wowcards Inc., provider of direct mail marketing solutions, announced that its namesake direct mail solution has received patent 8,287,002 from the U.S. Patent Office. Combining the benefits of a gift card and a credit-card-thick postcard, Wowcards enable companies of all sizes to deliver targeted gift card marketing campaigns.

Unable to find a way to deliver a pop-out gift card through the mail without packaging, founder and direct marketer Kirk Joseph invented Wowcards, the only direct mail solution that combines the thickness of a credit card with a pop-out gift card approved by the U.S. Postal Service.

“We offer more than just an innovative mail piece,” said Joseph. “Wowcards does the heavy lifting for direct mail marketers by designing proven campaigns that deliver huge ROI. We also provide online ordering that gives small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike the ability to design and execute turnkey, professional-grade marketing campaigns.”

Through the company’s online marketing platform, marketers can easily create “ready-to-redeem” gift cards with special offers and promotions, complete with branding and barcode. A gallery of templates reduces the ordering burden for businesses; they simply have to upload their logo and mailing list. There is no minimum order and pricing starts at $.98, which includes the design, printing, postage and fulfillment.

From a consumer perspective, Wowcards make a strong first impression leading to higher response rates. Recipients can use Wowcards like traditional gift cards at business locations, retail stores, over the phone or via a website. In head-to-head comparisons against campaigns utilizing postcards and envelopes, Wowcards produced five times more responses.

Before receiving the patent, Wowcards was tested by a variety of marketing innovators, including AOL, Verizon, Staples and BJ’s. Additionally main street retailers, such as auto dealerships and repair shops, jewelry stores, and restaurants have utilized Wowcards to drive sales, attract new customers, or reactivate old ones.

In addition to earning a patent, the company also created a new type of mail. The Postal Service recently changed the Domestic Mail Manual to recognize this unique gift-card-postcard format.

About Wowcards
Wowcards Inc. is a pioneer of integrated direct mail marketing solutions. Our patented direct mail technology integrates an innovative thick postcard with a perforated gift card, and online ordering automation that gives businesses of all sizes the capability to create turn-key, professional-grade marketing campaigns in minutes. Wowcards helps individual or franchise businesses and co-op providers simplify their direct mail marketing and maximize the marketing return on investment at a national, regional, or local level. Leading companies and brands such as AOL, Verizon, Staples and BJ’s have utilized Wowcards to drive marketing engagement and outperform traditional direct mail solutions.

Source: Wowcards.