World Color Press Listed on Toronto Exchange, Adopts Rights Plan

MONTRÉAL—8/21/2009—World Color Press Inc. (formerly Quebecor World) announced today that its post-reorganization Common Shares, Series I Warrants and Series II Warrants are now listed and will commence trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) on August 26, 2009. The Company’s Common Shares (CUSIP number 981442106) will trade in both Canadian and US dollars and are listed under the symbols ‘WC’ and ‘WC.U’, respectively, and the Series I Warrants (CUSIP number 981442114) and Series II Warrants (CUSIP number 981442122) will trade in US dollars only and are listed under the symbols ‘WC.WT.U’ and ‘WC.WT.V’, respectively.

An aggregate of 73,285,000 Common Shares, excluding Common Shares issuable upon exercise of the Series I Warrants and Series II Warrants and upon conversion of the Company’s Class A Convertible Preferred Shares, have been reserved and accepted for listing by TSX, of which it is anticipated that 64,128,994 Common Shares, 5,533,725 Series I Warrants and 5,533,725 Series II Warrants will commence trading on TSX on the listing date, with the remainder of the Common Shares, Series I Warrants and Series II Warrants being held in escrow pending release on subsequent distribution dates in accordance with the terms of the Company’s Canadian and U.S. Plans of Compromise and Reorganization.

The company also has adopted a shareholder rights plan agreement (the “Rights Plan”), effective immediately, to encourage the fair treatment of shareholders in any takeover offer for the Corporation and to prevent a bidder from acquiring control of World Color in a manner detrimental to shareholders. The Rights Plan will provide the board of directors of World Color and its shareholders more time to consider fully any unsolicited take-over bid for the Company and allow more time for the board of directors to pursue other alternatives to maximize shareholder value, if appropriate. The Rights Plan will also prevent an attempt to acquire control of World Color other than by means of an offer made to all shareholders.

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