William Nuffer, Founder of Sheridan Books, BookCrafters and LithoCrafters, Passes at 82

William George Nuffer was the founder of Sheridan Books, LithoCrafters and BookCrafters.

CHELSEA, MI—June 9, 2014—It is with great sadness and respect that we observe the passing of William George Nuffer, a founder of Sheridan Books. He passed away on Tuesday, May 27, 2014, at Northport Highlands in Northport, MI.

A Michigan native, Nuffer attended college at the University of Michigan and earned his degree in Business Administration. While he was attending the University of Michigan, he was enlisted in the Naval ROTC program and worked full-time at Braun-Brumfield, one of the two founding companies of Sheridan Books.

Upon Nuffer’s graduation from the University of Michigan he served as a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy during the Korean conflict. His duty involved flying during the entire period and in addition, he was squadron material officer, squadron instrument instructor, and patrol plane commander.

Returning from service, Nuffer rejoined Braun-Brumfield and soon became vice president and director. The love and dedication for printing books became deep rooted in his life. In 1965, Nuffer felt he needed greater challenges and left Braun-Brumfield to found LithoCrafters in Ann Arbor. Nuffer went on to establish a second book manufacturing company, BookCrafters, in Fredericksburg, VA. Soon afterward, LithoCrafters and BookCrafters were merged to form one company which retained the name BookCrafters. Under his leadership, BookCrafters grew to have five locations and over 800 employees. Nuffer served as the president of the company until his retirement in 1996. In 1999 BookCrafters merged with Braun-Brumfield to form Sheridan Books.

Nuffer has also served as the president of the Ann Arbor Litho Club, the Ann Arbor Graphic Arts Management Association, and held a number of board positions with the Village of Chelsea and Chelsea Hospital. In 1981, he helped to found the Ann Arbor Graphic Arts Memorial Foundation which provides scholarships for Michigan students earning a print management degree.

When Nuffer was not working he was able to indulge in his passion for flying, hunting, boating and deep water fishing.

He is survived by his wife, Mary, his children: Bob, Pam, and John, two step-children: Bob and Patty, five grandchildren, one step-grandchild, and one great-grandchild.

In tribute to Nuffer and his accomplishments, Sheridan Books flags are at half-staff.

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Sheridan is a leading provider of print, publishing services and technology solutions to publishers, associations, university presses, and catalogers. Comprised of Sheridan Books, The Sheridan Press, Dartmouth Printing Company, and Dartmouth Journal Services, each company within The Sheridan Group has a market specialty that supports scholarly books, journals, magazines, or catalogs.

Source: Sheridan.

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  • Wayne Johnson

    So Braun-Brumfield was one of the two founding companies behind Sheridan books? You just can’t make this stuff up. Nuffer was one of the real pioneers of Ann Arbor’s 1950’s – 1960’s book business. The list of these Litho pioneers isn’t very long, but these guys brought a love of the process and an idea for a better way to the table. I wish someone would write the story of those glory days when there wasn’t a rulebook or a guidebook and production ruled. Ann Arbor taught the print industry how to make high quality affordable books.