Wilen Group Launches iPad Publishing Services

FARMINGDALE, NY—May 25, 2012—Wilen , a leading end-to-end provider of comprehensive marketing services, announced the launch of its new iPad publishing capabilities. The company, which has a 40-year history in the publishing arena, will leverage its experience with one-to-one (print and digital) marketing and mobile technology know-how to deliver robust mobile applications with personalized, interactive content.

According to Darrin Wilen, president, “It was a natural extension for us to advance from our four decades of publishing experience and interactive, multimedia capabilities to become more actively involved in the exploding Apple space. Now, we are offering our clients full concept-to-completion capabilities in iPad publishing applications.”

Wilen noted that its mobile publishing capabilities also extend to the Android platform.

Through its new iPad publishing services, the company can take any original content, magazine, magalog, presentation, etc. and create a digital, mobile application featuring interactive, touch-base and data-tracking capabilities. Its geo-locator and data-tracking features enable marketers to optimally target and cross-reference customer activity and preferences. This, in turn, generates enhanced market intelligence which can be applied to create more strategic, personalized marketing across other mediums.

Using Wilen’s iPad publishing applications, marketers can deliver real-time content with automatic updates including Twitter and Facebook feeds. Videos, photos and other graphic content are integrated into the application and delivered with high-resolution quality.

Each mobile publishing application is provided with newly created icons, a full table of content and user-friendly navigation to optimize the viewer’s experience. Multiple orientations can be provided including the landscape mode, the most popular in mobile devices.

“We are always pushing to stay relevant and responsive to the marketplace,” continued Wilen. “Today, there has been a natural shift to mobile, real-time communications. Particularly when marketing to Generation X, Z and the Millennials, mobile communications is vital.

“Marketers have prioritized the ability to deliver value through enhanced media and channels, particularly social and mobile. Combining our publishing, technology, direct and target marketing experience, we recognized that our organization could be a tremendous resource to our clients in this area,” he added

More and more businesses across diverse industries are having mobile publishing applications created to enhance their customers’ experience, while capturing valuable data. Among the industries that are already embracing mobile apps are travel and hospitality, financial, higher education and of course, traditional publishers.

Wilen noted that since announcing its new iPad publishing services, it has developed a mobile app for a major telecommunications company.

About Wilen
Wilen Group is a fully-integrated marketing services provider, made up of three affiliates—Wilen Media, Wilen Direct and WILopEN. Together, they provide tactical marketing, advanced mail strategies, variable-data printing, innovative digital and interactive media initiatives, and revolutionary business communication products, delivering cutting-edge services and cross-media programs to an ever-expanding client base.

Source: Wilen.