Wilen Direct Adds Four-Color Variable-Data Printing Capabilities

FARMINGDALE, NY—May 10, 2012—Wilen Direct, a leading end-to-end provider of comprehensive direct mail services, has enhanced its already impressive print production line-up with the recent installation of the Kodak Prosper S10 four-color imprinting system. The system, which uses Kodak Stream inkjet technology and Kodak Versamark CS410 system controller, gives Wilen a powerful hybrid printing solution and the ability to deliver highly personalized direct mail at high speeds matching those of its web offset presses and finishing lines.

“This is our second investment in four-color variable data printing,” noted Wilen Direct’s Executive Vice President Kevin Wilen. “Our first was to implement the Pitney Bowes four-color envelope imprinting systems. Now, with our new Kodak Prosper S10 technology, we have added four-color variable to our web presses with inline finishing. From one sheet of paper and with one pass of the press, we can create a full-color letter, buckslip and envelope coming off press fully finished and at the rate of up to 90,000 personalized pieces per hour. This includes the ability to offer customers multiple creative in terms of copy and graphics in one mail stream.”

The Kodak Prosper S10 technology allows the printer to deliver highly personalized direct mail solicitations and transactional communications without any additional offline requirements. It provides a high 600×600 dpi resolution and prints at the speed of up to 1,000 feet per minute. For its clients, this represents significant benefits in terms of quality, time and cost savings—especially when combined with Wilen’s proven track record in successful, high ROI direct mail programs.

Marketer now have the ability to gain higher response rates from variable data and color graphics applied to the offset shell through to the inserts within the direct mail package. This can be achieved at cost levels not previously attainable for high volume, four-color campaigns maximizing postal savings.

The Kodak Prosper S10 easily integrated into Wilen’s production line, working seamlessly with its web offset and finishing equipment. It features pigment-based ink with outstanding permanence on a variety of commercial substrates for a scratch, fade and water-resistant performance.

“With the addition of the Kodak Prosper S10, we are operating a truly nextgen production line. It is delivering valuable, variable data graphics and other personalized elements infused in a high ROI, one-tone mail piece,” added Wilen.

About Wilen
Wilen Group is a fully-integrated marketing services provider, made up of three affiliates—Wilen Media, Wilen Direct and WILopEN. Together, we provide tactical marketing, advanced mail strategies, innovative digital and interactive media initiatives, and revolutionary business communication products that allow us to deliver cutting-edge services and cross-media programs to an ever-expanding client base.

Source: Wilen.

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