Why Does a Salesperson Get Turned Down? Sharpen Your Pencil: Weekly Sales FAQ Videos

Ryan Sauers is the president and owner of Sauers Consulting Strategies.
By Ryan Sauers

In this week’s video, Ryan Sauers, president of Sauers Consulting Strategies, explains why getting to the “root reason” of a buyer is essential. Without understanding the deep reasoning the other person has we are selling in a surface-level manner. Oftentimes a salesperson settles for such surface-level answers from buyers but are shortchanging themselves.

This video provides a new way for a salesperson to reflect on their question-asking skills, and introduces the ‘5 Why’s Communication Model.’ Selling in a deep manner will give today’s salesperson a huge edge.

Click on the video below to find out how you can learn to understand a buyer’s core/root reasoning:

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