Whitmore Group and Wisco Envelope Become New Sponsors of The Print Council

WASHINGTON, DC—04/19/2010—Two companies – Whitmore Group and Wisco Envelope – have become sponsors of The Print Council, citing the need to raise awareness of print’s effectiveness and sustainability. Both companies understand the importance of educating marketers and believe that The Print Council provides a valuable set of tools to do so.

Ben Cooper, Executive Director of The Print Council, enthusiastically welcomed both companies and their dedication to help promote print as an effective marketing medium.

“Whitmore Group and Wisco Envelope understand that the best marketing buyer is an educated buyer. Print, as an effective medium and a responsible one, has a rightful place in every marketing budget, and we know these organizations will help to build awareness of this in the marketplace. We look forward to their contributions,” Cooper stated.

Whitmore Group

For more than 60 years Whitmore has been providing quality communications solutions and service to its broad base of customers in the mid-Atlantic region. While it all started in 1919 when John and Paul Whitmore, ages nine and seven, published their first issue of St. Mary’s Magazine, named after their home town in Maryland, they did not incorporate Whitmore Printing and Stationery company in Annapolis until 1947.

Over the years Whitmore has migrated from a commercial print operation, to a multi-plant, full-service graphic arts provider, offering commercial print, digital, variable, print on demand, mailing, fulfillment, storefront and web to print. The company is an FSC certified printer and is committed to environmentally sustainable practices, such as recycling paper, plates, and inks (using inks based on linseed oil which is derived from flax plants and excludes heavy metals).

According to Jay Goldscher, Sr. Vice President for Sales, “We resisted joining The Print Council for some time, not because we thought it wasn’t a worthy cause, but we didn’t think it was the primary battle. Whitmore believed too many competitors and iron in the marketplace were the real issue. However, the last year or so have opened our eyes to the general public’s misinformation about the value of print and its impact on planet earth. We now believe the major battle ahead is to tell the story that print is the right and responsible choice for many communication needs.”

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