When a Printmaker and Bike Builder Join Forces, a ‘Printing Press Bike’ Emerges

BRISTOL, UK—July 23, 2014—Printmaker Nick Hand’s passion for printing is about to take him on an incredible month-long journey from Bristol to Germany—to the birthplace of Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the Gutenberg press.

Robin Mather, who builds custom-made bikes, worked with Hand to create a bike that could carry a fully functioning printing press on the back. According to the BBC, both men plan to take the journey and have already begun fundraising £8,000 for the trip.

In an interview with the BBC, Hand said he plans to meet artists and poets in his travels where they can make a linocut or wood engraving so that he can set type and print on the press. “We will then send postcards to the people who supported the project.”

Click here to watch the BBC Interview with Hand and Mather and to see the bike.