West Press: Mastering Each Process

West Press executives (from the left) include Sean Johnson, plant manager: Kristy Scharf, president; and Joel Levine, founder.

Pressman Marvin Cortez operates a Heidelberg Speedmaster.

With a "whatever it takes" attitude, the staff members at West Press take pride in their sense of teamwork.

“Larger ports are being built in Arizona to bring more products into the U.S. from Mexico, and want to be a part of this,” she points out. “The new and expanded ports will be handling more of the fresh produce that comes into the United States for packaging before distribution.”

Another area that the company sought to improve upon was its color management processes. Last August, it became the only printer in Southern Arizona, and one of just hundreds nationwide, to become G7 Master Printer certified. Further separating itself from competitors, the company’s pressroom certification testing was done at 300 lpi.

According to Sean Johnson, West Press’ plant manager, it was a major accomplishment to reach a process control certification at this level. “Everybody expects a very large printer to go after a G7 certification,” he explains. “It’s a monumental task to take something on like this and keep these procedures implemented, all while maintaining a 300 line screen.”

West Press customers benefit by getting the very best color management control available. “The G7 process allows us to provide them with 100 percent-verifiable accuracy of color reproduction throughout the entire workflow, from digital image to the final printed press sheet,” adds Johnson.

Attaining G7 Master Printer status also prompted the shop to become more environmentally aware of the products it was using. The company now uses a single-step ethylene, glycol-free fountain solution; inks that contain 79 percent soy-based renewable oil resins; and its solvent VOC emissions are now only 32 grams/liter.

Last year, West Press made investments throughout its operation, including a Canon imagePRESS C7000VP digital color press; a Xanté Ilumina digital envelope printer, said to be the only one in operation in Arizona; a Standard Horizon StitchLiner; a Secap collating/inserting system; and an FMA off-line UV coater.

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