West Linn Paper Approves Paper Machine Improvement Projects for 2012

WEST LINN, OR—Nov. 1, 2011—The West Linn Paper Co. announced it will be investing more than $3 million in major capital improvement projects that will get underway in the first half of 2012. The company has committed to several projects, but the two most prominent will focus on increasing production and energy conservation.

One of the two projects will address moisture content and sheet strength on the mill’s #1 paper machine and is expected to improve the quality of the mill’s heavyweight products, while increasing production on this machine by 13 percent or more. That paper machine produces coated free-sheet web rolls that range from 70-146 lb. basis weights, as well as matte reply card stock.

The second of the planned projects will provide cleaner whitewater that will better enable reuse throughout the mill and reduce associated heat loss to the effluent. This project is expected to reduce fuel costs and has the potential to reduce effluent flows by as much as 20 percent.

“The coated paper market is extremely volatile right now, but West Linn Paper has been able to successfully adapt to changing conditions. We believe that strategic investment in the appropriate areas will help us continue to remain competitive,” says Chief Operating Officer Brian Konen. “An increase in machine efficiency, product quality and energy savings is a solid investment and a win for both the mill and our customers.”

The bulk of the work is scheduled for the second quarter of 2012, requiring a machine outage of less than a week. West Linn Paper does not expect the minimal down time required to affect customer shipments.

About West Linn Paper
Headquartered in West Linn, OR, the West Linn Paper Co. is an independent manufacturer of coated free-sheet web paper and is the oldest and only active free-sheet manufacturer in the western United States. The high-quality Sonoma and Capistrano brands are well-known and well-respected in the printing industry for their print quality and runnability. West Linn Paper’s Nature Web line is an environmentally friendly recycled grade that offers 10-30 percent PCW content.

Source: West Linn Paper.

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