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That’s the First Amendment, as you know. Somewhere down the line, likely in the U.S. Supreme Court—where all matters of theory rather than practicality are hammered out—Flynn and Downey are likely to lose due to the wording of the First Amendment.

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The petty thing that upsets me is the “separation between church and state,” which theistic-bashing morons always cite every time religion breaks its invisible restraining order and wanders near a school or a state building. It doesn’t exist. The wording clearly says Congress may not pass a law that recognizes an established religion and, in the next breath, admonishes not to prevent people from exercising their right to pray. In other words, no Unitarian States of America, but you may visit any church, temple, synagogue or cult of your choice. The assumption is a separation between the entities, which was not what the founding fathers had in mind, nor was it in the actual wording.

Praying in school does not equate the recognition of a federal religion, either. It’s granted in the First Amendment. But someone, somewhere is afraid that the guv is conspiring to control our thoughts. And this wretched plaque, which mocks our hard-earned freedoms every time we drive to West Chester, trample over the rhododendrums and inspect the courthouse wall up close, has to go. Personally, I like to comb neighborhood post offices to see if my civil rights are being violated.

However, should Flynn and Downey prevail, we should respect the high court’s decision. Indeed, we should take it upon ourselves to ferret out any other examples of church bogarting its way into matters of state relevance.

And now, assuming someone has called Charlton Heston and asked him to take down his stoney decrees, I think it’s neccessary for this feature to direct your attention to another flagrant disregard of the divorce…it seems our government has incorporated some of the commandments into law. They, too, must be removed immediately, or face the wrath of Flynn and Downey. Please note, among the highlights:

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