Wall Printing Produces Interactive Holiday Coaster for Samuel Adams

Interactive coaster promoting Samuel Adams beer.

JAMESTOWN, NC—Dec. 30, 2011—For the holiday season, Boston Beer wanted to create a bar coaster that would make people notice the Samuel Adams brand and its special offer. It decided to use the interactive coaster developed by Wall Printing.

The interactive coaster has four panels, instead of the normal two, and it creates a never-ending fold that gets people’s attention. Through a three-dimensional design, the coaster allows Samuel Adams to create a complete story. Two more panels on a coaster creates interest and doubles the amount of space available to get its message out.

Samuel Adams also used a QR code to make it easy for people with smart phones to take advantage of the special offer. The coasters were printed in the United States on Neenah 17 point blotter paper.

In addition to coasters, the interactive card has been used for marketing pieces and business cards. It can be used as a trivia game, to educate people or as a quiz.

Trish Witkowski of Fold Factory says, “The goal shouldn’t be to get into somebody’s “great idea” file. You want them to notice the piece and take action. It has to have purpose and accomplish a goal—which is response.”

Samuel Adams accomplished this goes through the use of this interactive coaster.

Source: Wall Printing.

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