Vpak Media Launches Print Marketing Pieces with Embedded Video Player

Vpak Video Empowered Print marketing piece.

EAST HAMPTON, NY—July 17, 2012—Vpak Media, an innovative marketing technology company, announced its official launch, offering a line of portable Vpak “video in print” tactics. Vpak Video Empowered Print marketing devices provide marketers with a powerful medium that enables them to put custom or existing promotional videos right into the hands of their targeted customers. Consumers can interact with video content anywhere and keep it as a powerful brand reminder.

Vpak Media Founder and CEO Rob Likoff, a veteran innovator in the digital marketing industry, and former co-founder and CEO of Group DCA, an award-winning healthcare industry interactive agency, founded Vpak Media in response to a growing industry need to evolve the distribution of video content, and to help differentiate brands competing for share of voice in very crowded channels.

Likoff explained, “Corporations spend billions on TV commercials and promotional videos. We see them on TV, online, even during previews at the movie theater. It’s overwhelming, but brand awareness is still surprisingly low. So there definitely exists a need for innovative ways to improve the incremental reach and impact of video advertising.

“Given market conditions, I’m confident that Vpak video-in-print solutions can be an effective addition to any marketing mix. We’ve created successful Vpak Video Empowered Print marketing programs for the entertainment, fashion, and healthcare industries to name just a few,” he continued.

Vpak is a unique and effective way to break through marketing white noise, connect with consumers and keep them engaged with brand content wherever they are. Vpak video empowered devices, “turn on the printed piece”, i.e. combining customized, enduring print material with the stickiness and multi-sensory power of video and audio content embedded right into the printed vehicle. Vpak video-empowered promotional tactics can be distributed at live events or deployed by direct mail to targeted audiences.

Vpak tactics put the power of video in print, and come in standard or custom sizes, featuring pre-recorded or user recorded videos; chapter and other playback controls; a regular, rechargeable battery, or a charging stand. Vpak tactics can showcase a company’s own media and package design, or custom-created video and printed carrier.

About Vpak
Vpak Media’s mission is to create highly-relevant and engaging, cost-effective marketing tools that are designed and manufactured in response to client and consumer insights, needs and behaviors. Vpak Video Empowered Print™ marketing devices can complement and supplement advertising and marketing plans by amortizing existing promotional video and delivering it in a novel, hands-on medium to targeted consumers. Vpak video in print technology combines the impact of a tactile print experience with immersive video.

Source: Vpak