Vomela Specialty Company Installs Two Inca Onset S40s Inkjet Printers

VALHALLA, NY—June 11, 2012—Fujifilm North America, Graphic Systems Division, is pleased to announce a notable “first.” With the recent addition of two Inca Onset S40s in its St. Paul, MN, location, Vomela Specialty becomes the first North American printer to own and operate the entire suite of Inca Onset large-format digital inkjet printers manufactured by Inca and distributed by Fujifilm.

Vomela operates 18 locations in the United States and Canada. The company has grown through a series of strategic acquisitions over its 60 plus years in business. Vomela’s C2 Imaging affiliate operates an Inca Onset S70 in its Denver location and an Inca Onset S20 at its Vancouver facility. The two new Inca Onset S40s installed in St. Paul join an already impressive lineup of Inca equipment, including two Inca Spyder printers and an Inca Columbia Turbo. All of the Inca Onset printers include automation to maximize throughput.

Multiple locations and state-of-the-art equipment at select locations give Vomela tremendous capabilities and versatility.

“Our goal is to meet all regional needs, and get any job done at any of our locations,” said Mark Auth, president of Vomela. “Even with the arsenal of equipment we had, we were struggling to keep up with the increasing volume of wide format work we were seeing.”

In order to achieve their goal of being the printer of choice for all of their customers, Auth and his team began the search for new wide-format inkjet printing equipment to meet the organization’s growing needs.

“Once we pick a piece of equipment, we stick with it, and the Incas were proven performers for us,” Auth said. Confident of the capabilities of the Inca line, he set his sights on the Inca Onset S40, the latest offering from Fujifilm and Inca Digital. “We don’t make an investment like this lightly; we did our due diligence and found that the Inca Onset S40 was the best out there, with the newest technology and by far the best quality.”

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