Vizibility Offers Free NFC Business Cards to or Vistaprint Customers

CHICAGO—Oct. 9, 2012—Vizibility announced it will give free NFC Mobile Wallet Cards to the first 150,000 customers who buy or Vistaprint business cards from its website. Vizibility’s NFC cards, which were launched at the South by Southwest Conference in March, are available immediately and normally retail for $15 each. The durable, tear-proof plastic cards are the size of a credit card and include a personal QR code, so they work with all major smartphones, including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

“Vizibility addresses the reality that in today’s world, we are who Google says we are,” said James Alexander, CEO of Vizibility. “Tools that help people package and share their online identities to quickly build trust and credibility are rapidly gaining in importance. Vizibility provides organizations of all sizes and their people with a powerful solution called the Mobile Business Card. It’s an individualized mobile website that can be shared via a QR code, NFC, mobile Google Ad, and, coming soon, Apple’s new Passbook.”

NFC stands for near-field communication and is like a wireless QR code. Simply touching an NFC-enabled smartphone to an NFC Mobile Wallet Card from Vizibility instantly brings up that person’s Mobile Business Card. Vizibility’s Mobile Business Card enables users to download vCards, view common LinkedIn and Facebook connections, and share hand-picked profiles, videos and other curated online content. Larger organizations can connect all their Mobile Business Cards into a mobile directory. Through Vizibility’s patented “Find Me in Google” feature, users can even verify and share their best personal Google search results.

Helping Printers Stay Competitive
Printers are excited about Vizibility’s Mobile Business Card because it is the first viable, logical, mobile-friendly “bridge” to the digital world any company has offered. Printing QR codes on business cards and other collateral means more billable work. The unique Mobile Business Card experience is a powerful differentiator in a price-driven market, and the QR code revitalizes the business card by creating new, recurring revenue streams.

For larger organizations, Vizibility’s Online Identity Manager makes it easy for printers and their customers to manage Mobile Business Cards across the entire enterprise. Printers and Web-to-print solution providers are actively integrating Vizibility into their print production workflows.

About Vizibility
Vizibility Inc. helps people package and promote their online presence with a powerful Mobile Business Card. The company’s mobile identity management platform is integrated and resold by printers and web-to-print vendors which are seeking to offer valuable new features, generate new revenue streams and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Source: Vizibility.

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