Vits and I-Web Enter into Exclusive Multi-year Sales and Marketing Agreement

LANGENFELD, GEMANY/AWN, MA—October 18, 2009—Vits Technology GmbH and Integrated Web Finishing Systems, announce that they have entered into a multi-year agreement where Vits Technology will provide sales, distribution, and marketing for the I-Web products worldwide. Vits will also takeover service and field installationsfor all products distributed in Europe.

Vits Technology GmbH is the leading supplier of web offset sheeters, inline finishing systems and offset dryers for the printing industry. I-Web is a leading supplier of inline and offline finishing equipment and systems. Together, the combined strength ofthe people, technology, distribution scale, and overall capabilities of Vits Technology and I-Web will provide printers the confidence to entrust their equipment needs. With experienced technical staffs, upgraded engineering modeling software, combined with additional manufacturing capabiliiies and full in-house assembly, the two companies are now perfectly positioned to provide innovative technology to the graphic arts industry.

The I-Web equipment has been completely re-engineered to meet the demands of its users, and continues to utilize “state of the art” servo technology. This partnership provides printers the opportunity to work with a strong supplier to obtain superior finishing systems for any application, along with expert installation, parts and services needed to exceed pressroom expectations.

Vits and I-Web will satisfy the ever-changing demands of printers and give the confidence needed to entrust their business to a strong and dedicated organization having the most comprehensive solutions available and providing a broad range of products to meet today’s business needs. Together the companies have a commitment to innovation, ensuring next-generation technology solutions while being able to offer greater support and resources worldwide. Vits and I-Web can offer a financially strong partner with a long-term strategy for growth and the common goal of providing high quality equipment and absolute customer satisfaction.

About Vlts Technology:
Vits Technology GmbH designs and manufactures Sheeters, Finishing Systems (brand Jet Web) and Offset Dryers. Located in Düsseldorf/Langenfeld, Vits was established in 1928 and is a leading partner of the graphic arts industry for more than 50 years. The know-how of Vits is treatment of web handling materials which is successfully realized with our own engineering, production, assembling and worldwide after sales service. More information is given on our homepage

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