Vistaprint Expands Its Internet Marketing Tools for Micro Businesses

VENLO, THE NETHERLANDS—Oct. 21, 2010—Vistaprint N.V. today announced the launch of its Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) tool as well as custom blogs for its Internet marketing packages. The two new features were designed to be simple and effective for any micro business looking to increase its search engine rankings and reflect Vistaprint’s desire to help micro businesses easily and effectively utilize online marketing.

The company’s Internet marketing team has also set up specific accounts on social networking platforms to keep the growing number of Vistaprint customers up to date with the latest changes while educating them on the best practices in the industry.

“Micro businesses and small businesses of all kinds are marketing online because they’ve realized that’s where a lot of potential customers are going to find them,” said Whitney Pegden, senior product marketing associate at Vistaprint. “While we have added a number of new and exciting features to our Websites packages—including contact forms, maps, shopping carts and matching email addresses for domains—we’re also focused on educating our customers to help them succeed. We’re providing tools that guide them through things like search marketing and copywriting, which will maximize their online efforts. Our goal is to make internet marketing as easy as designing a business card.”

The new features add to a broader suite of Internet marketing products and services offered by Vistaprint, including custom Websites, email marketing and online search profiles. The newly launched SEO tool helps customers to quickly and easily optimize their sites to be found by search engines and also assists customers in creating relevant content that will help to improve their site ranking. The tool, which is integrated into Vistaprint’s Website builder, uses an optimization report card which evaluates a user’s site and allows them to capitalize on search opportunities immediately. The SEO tool makes it extremely easy for non-technical users to optimize their site and improve their rank without any prior knowledge of search marketing. The tool costs $9.99 per month and can be easily added to any existing Vistaprint website package.

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