Vision 3 Summit to Pinpoint Direct Marketing Opportunities

RESTON, VA—Jan. 20, 2011—Spanning such print products as direct mail, catalogs, inserts, flyers, transpromo and more, direct marketing is a predominant category of print usage. But, as with many other print categories, direct marketing is being affected by numerous changes in the North American marketplace, and no one knows for certain what the future of direct marketing will look like. For executives seeking a glimpse into the crystal ball, the brand-new Vision 3 Summit leadership conference, slated for March 13-16, 2011 at the Desert Springs JW Marriott in Palm Desert, CA, will feature a special session on the trends and future of direct marketing.

The management-level conference is being jointly produced by the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL); NPES The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies (NPES); and, Printing Industries of America.

The session, “Trends& Future of Direct Marketing,” will deliver a thoughtful look at the current printing industry, the ongoing changes in the North American marketplace and how direct marketing will be affected. Attendees will learn what impact technology, the economy, social issues, environmental concerns, postal rates and demographic changes will have on direct marketing demand, and hear about other influences on the North American print markets as well. The session will be led by graphic communications consultant John Zarwan, founding partner of J. Zarwan Partners and an expert in marketing, product management and finance.

“Particularly with today’s consumer being so marketing-savvy, print clients are increasingly turning to direct marketing,” said Ralph Nappi, President of NPES. “It’s therefore crucial for graphic communications executives to pinpoint direct marketing opportunities for their clients and understand just how direct marketing tactics may change over the next few years.”

In addition to “Trends& Future of Direct Marketing,” the Vision 3 Summit will feature a variety of educational sessions addressing topics of interest to management-level executives, ranging from future growth markets, to new-media marketing strategies and sales tactics, and more. All sessions will emphasize real-world applications and ‘best practices’ and offer actionable “how-to” advice. The Vision 3 Summit will also feature a variety of networking events and a number of receptions.