Vision 3 Conference to Highlight new Rules of Economic Recovery

RESTON, VA—Jan. 4, 2011—What does the economy hold in store for the graphic communications industry? Can we expect ongoing economic recovery, or will the industry face other challenges in the next few years? What are the key questions every executive should be asking to successfully move business forward? Answering these and other questions will be the focus of the “2011—What’s Ahead for the Industry?” session at the new Vision 3 Summit leadership conference.

The summit will take place March 13-16, 2011, at the Desert Springs J.W. Marriott in Palm Desert, CA. The management-level conference—being jointly produced by the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL), NPES The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies (NPES), and Printing Industries of America (PIA)—is open to executives of both industry suppliers and service providers.

In this insightful session about the future economic landscape, NAPL Senior Vice President and Chief Economist Andrew Paparozzi will capture the key points that will have been discussed in Dr. Lowell Catlett’s session, titled “Coming Out From Under—Understanding Today’s Economy and Tomorrow’s New Future,” and Alan Beaulieu’s presentation, “It’s All in the Details—Drilling Deeper into the Future Forecast.” From there, Paparozzi will pinpoint the drivers of the printing industry and highlight the new rules of recovery.

“Effective business planning is the hallmark of every successful business—but you can hardly plan effectively if you don’t have any sense of how the industry will fare economically,” asserts Joseph Truncale, President and CEO of NAPL. “Andrew Paparozzi gets to the bottom of all the figures and predictions that people hear about the U.S. economy, and will offer actionable suggestions on how to plan for 2011 and beyond.”

In addition to those three, the Vision 3 Summit will feature a variety of educational sessions addressing topics of top interest to management-level executives. These range from future growth markets, to new-media marketing strategies and sales tactics, to how the goals of the new 112th Congress will affect graphic communications businesses. All sessions emphasize real-world applications and ‘best practices’ and will offer actionable “how-to” advice. It will also offer networking events, a number of receptions and recreational outings.

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