Mallardi to Keynote “The Digital Graphic Pathway to 2020” at PRINT 13

Vincent Mallardi will be the keynote speaker at "The Digital Graphic Pathway to 2020" at PRINT 13.

CHICAGO—August 28, 2013—Printing’s foremost forecaster will present a novel if not radical program on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at PRINT 13. Vincent Mallardi, who has published “Hot Markets for Print Media” for the past 34 years, as well as writing hundreds of other books, studies and articles, will take attendees to the next level of print integration with complementary media and the markets that will buy into the future techno-economic and socio-political “cross.”

“Print’s greatest days are ahead not behind,” said Mallardi. “Ink-on-paper is becoming deposition of any-film-onto-any-substrate. Reflective and transmission reception are precursers to emanation media where our product not only produces light but also other forms of sensory energy. Everything in the future of print is ‘smart’ except for incompetently-run companies that will fold into the past.”

Mallardi, known for not sparing words or visions, will be profering many terms and concepts not quite yet understood by our medium. In techno-economics these include latent imaging, 3-D, VDP/TP, virtual reality, near-field, nanotech and down-the-road quantum-computing enablements. The socio-political corollary he will present is, in his words, “unlike few can presently imagine.”

The International Business Forum will be the culminating event at PRINT 13 and its most attended. Following a networking event at 11:00 am on Wednesday, there will be a luncheon with more than 200 executives from companies interested or already engaged in tangible graphic media driven by converging technologies and demanders. These include conventional manufacturing printers, photobook participants, direct marketing/corporate media planners and printing intermediaries, most through the PBBA (Printing Brokerage Buyers Association International).

Following the luncheon and Mallardi’s presentation, there will be senior level sessions related to digital image technology through the afternoon and next morning. There is no extra charge for luncheon participants attending these sessions.
Registration is at or by texting MALLARDI to 90210.

Don Franz, the publisher of Photo Imaging News, is the conference organizer along with the Graphic Arts Show Company. Sponsors include Fujifilm North America, Taopix, locr, pixami, Scodix and

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