VIM to Launch a New Cost-Effective CTP System, the JT Direct Plate

Available in a wide range of two-up and four-up sizes, the VIM-JT polyester and aluminum plates can be used on virtually any small- to medium-size offset press with conventional dampening. The polyester plates are available in 40-meter rolls now and the aluminum VIM-JT Direct plates will ship in Q4 2009. Both plates use the VIM proprietary coating technology to provide high quality, process-free printing results.

Customer’s Report

Ken Bauman, Print Shop Production Supervisor for Boise State University, one of the first users in North America, commented:

“We installed the JT Plate system in April and it has met all of our expectations. It was easy to install and use, required no changes on our presses, and meets all of our printing needs at a fraction of the cost of the other systems we looked at. It also eliminated chemistry, and the plates are recyclable, assisting us reaching our environmental goals of a zero waste stream. Overall, it has reduced our printing costs significantly.

“The JT Plate system is innovative, flexible, uses off the shelf equipment, and gives us the capability of proofing and poster work as well as creating our offset plates. It has performed reliably and consistently and the VIM support has been excellent. A great system.”

Key Advantages

“This is a technical breakthrough! Other supplier’s inkjet-imaged plates require that a special imaging ink is used,” says Bieber. “Imaging the VIM-JT Direct Inkjet Plates is both easy and completely free of hazardous chemicals and solvent based inks. Because we use Epson inks, the inkjet unit’s warranty is preserved. It also means that the same inkjet printer can still be used for conventional full-color proofing, so it can provide proofs for the plates, saving time, space and money.”

Since the same VIM RIP and inkjet printer that create the plates also produce the proof, the accuracy and efficiency of every job is enhanced.