Vijuk Equipment Acquired by GUK–Falzmaschinen

ELMHURST, IL—June 25, 2012—Vijuk Equipment,a leader in providing innovative solutions in insert/outsert leaflet folding equipment for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and small-items packaging markets, was purchased by GUK–Falzmaschinen of Wellendingen, Germany, effective April 1, 2012. The company, now named G&K–Vijuk International, was the sole distributor of G&K (GUK–Falzmaschinen) folding systems in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean since 1977.

GUK, founded in 1948, has over 200 employees and is well-known internationally for its production of automotive parts and its comprehensive line of folding systems—ranging from miniature-leaflet to commercial-size folding, sheet-fed and roll-fed folders, packaging-line leaflet folders and feeders, spine-glued booklet makers, and direct-mail producing systems.

As a partner of GUK, G&K–Vijuk International is poised to continue its leadership in providing innovative folding solutions for the graphic arts, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and small-items packaging industries.

Source: G&K-Vijuk.

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