Verso to Locate Operations Center in Miamisburg, OH, Upon Completion of NewPage Acquisition

MIAMISBURG, OH—June 5, 2014—Verso Paper, a leading North American producer of coated papers, today announced plans to consolidate its existing West Chester, OH, office and the NewPage Miamisburg, OH, office into a single Ohio Operations Center. The Ohio Operations Center will be located in the existing Miamisburg facility shortly following the completion of Verso’s pending acquisition of NewPage expected later this year. Verso’s corporate headquarters will remain in Memphis, TN.

Verso’s West Chester office currently houses about 55 employees in customer-facing and Information Technology functions. “We’re committed to presenting a single face to our customers on Day 1,” said Mike Weinhold, Verso’s senior vice president of sales, marketing and product development. “Quickly co-locating our teams will help ensure we deliver on our promise of a seamless transition for customers.”

The NewPage Miamisburg office is located at 8540 Gander Creek Drive, about 20 miles north of West Chester. “While we understand this will be an adjustment for our West Chester employees, we plan to do our best to minimize the potential disruption that such a move entails,” Verso’s Vice President of Human Resources Kenny Sawyer noted. “We conducted a thoughtful and rigorous analysis of our options for a single Ohio Operations Center. Ultimately, our decision was based on a combination of financial, logistical and employee considerations that led us to select Miamisburg as the best option.”

About Verso
Verso Paper is a leading North American producer of coated papers, including coated groundwood and coated freesheet, and specialty products. Verso is headquartered in Memphis, TN, and owns three paper mills in Maine and Michigan. Total production capacity generated from these mills is 1.5 million tons of paper and 930,000 tons of pulp. Verso’s paper products are used primarily in media and marketing applications, including magazines, catalogs and commercial printing applications such as high-end advertising brochures, annual reports and direct-mail advertising.

Source: Verso.

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