Van Son Launching Line of Premium Wide Format Inkjet Inks

HAUPPAUGE, NY—August 31, 2011—Van Son Holland Ink, the leading global manufacturer of high performance printing inks, announced it is launching a new line of Premium Wide Format Inkjet inks for Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland printers. Van Son will introduce its new line of inks at GRAPH EXPO 2011 being held at McCormick Place in Chicago on Sept. 11-14. It developed this new line of inks in response to the growing wide-format inkjet market demand for an efficient alternative to major printer manufacturer’s inks.

With a well-respected reputation for manufacturing inks with incredible print quality and color brilliance, Van Son’s cost-effective wide format inkjet inks improve wide format printing performance by offering better adhesion on a wide range of substrates. Offered in both easy-to-use cartridges and economical bulk packaging, the product line includes:

• Real Solvent inks designed for Mimaki JV3, JV33 and JV5 printers. These inks have a strong outdoor durability, are extremely fast drying, and have increased print head durability.

• Eco Solvent ink for improving printing performance with better adhesion on substrates including flex, PVC, and vinyl. The Eco Solvent inks to do not emit harmful VOCs, eliminating the need for forced ventilation.

• Pigment and Dye inks were created for Epson Piezo Head printers. With excellent print performance on a wide variety of media, the inks provide highly intense color with a wide color gamut, strong head durability, and enhanced fade resistance.

• Power Chrome Pigment inks that increase the density levels to optimize compatibility on most media types and is engineered to produce incredible print quality and color brilliance equivalent to dye based inks.

• Dye Sublimination inks that can be used with direct printing on fabrics without the need for intermediary heat transfer paper. With a particle size less than 100 nm there is virtually no possibility of head clogging.

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