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Value-Conscious Printers Nationwide Choose Heidelberg

March 2009

Elsewhere in the shop, Moquin operates a 6-color Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 74 with coater and a 4-color Heidelberg GTO, three programmable POLAR cutters and two continuous-feed Stahlfolders.... Founded in 1985, Moquin Press employs a staff of 85.

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Academy Press Makes the Most of Its Niche with Mid-Size Technology by Heidelberg  

Academy Press, Seattle, has its feet planted firmly in the present and its eyes on the future, thanks to a substantial investment in Heidelberg equipment and workflow. The company, which enjoys a reputation for highly efficient, multicolor sheetfed offset printing in the Seattle area, recently installed a 5-color Speedmaster CD 74 with Instant Gate, Axis Control, Color Assistant and InkLine automated ink delivery system to help keep it that way. The new press joins Academy’s existing CD 74, acquired five years ago. “We bought it to increase our capacity, as well as for the quality of the printing, ease of setup and changeover and the ability to run a wide range of stocks at speeds to 15,000 sph,” said Nick Karis, who co-owns the company, along with his brother Tony and father Terry. “For customers wanting things fast with no degradation in quality, the CD 74 is a made-to-order solution.”

Academy views the 29” CD 74 as an economical alternative to 40” printing. Typical applications include postcards and small direct mail brochures in the 100,000-500,000 range. “The half-size works very well for us,” said Karis, adding, “We can run six 8 ½ x 11 pieces cost effectively on a 23x29” sheet and have no plans to enter the 40” market at present. Academy Press is in the final stages of moving its operation into a brand-new, 20,000-square-foot facility nearby, where the new CD 74 is already in full production.... Other Heidelberg equipment slated to make the transition are a pair of POLAR paper cutters, Stahlfolder, Heidelberg Windmill letterpress and Heidelberg prepress workflow anchored by a Prosetter 74 violet platesetter. Karis looks forward to adding even more Heidelberg equipment in the future. His reasoning is straightforward and compelling: “You get what you pay for. Choosing Heidelberg not only nets us a terrific piece of equipment, but also the incomparable quality, service, and guaranteed return on our investment that come with it,” he said. “Settling for less is penny-wise and pound-foolish, and winds up costing you more in the long run.”

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At Cavanaugh Press, ‘Plate on Demand’ Is SOP, Thanks to New Suprasetter 105 MCL

Cavanaugh Press, Inc., a family owned and operated print and mail business in Baltimore, Md.  has followed up its 2007 installation of a 6-color Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 with the recent addition of a Suprasetter 105 MCL platesetter. The new CtP device enables Cavanaugh to keep up with the XL 105’s prodigious plate consumption, reported company President Bob Atwell. “The XL 105 is our productivity gem, but it would eat plates faster than we could make them, especially on short-run work. Given that kind of productivity, it made no sense for us to wait for plates - and now we don’t have to. With the Suprasetter 105, we can plate on demand and handle last-minute changes with ease. We’ve gone from remaking 40-50 plates per month for reasons related to client preference or scheduling to remaking zero plates.”

Cavanaugh also has introduced a second 2-color Speedmaster 102-P to its all-Heidelberg pressroom lineup. “It’s the first perfecting press we’ve ever owned that can perfect on coated stocks without slurring or marking,” Atwell said. “The SM 102 perfector delivers the highest quality 2-color work we have ever seen.  The company also operates a 6-color Speedmaster CD 102 straight press, a pair of 54” POLAR 137 ECM cutters with jogger, and a total of six continuous-feed and signature Stahlfolders. Atwell understands the value of sticking with a supplier he knows and trusts. With Heidelberg, he said, “We get the total package: outstanding quality, the best service, high residual value” and the “brilliant” Systemservice36 service coverage, which provides just the right security for Cavanaugh’s high-dollar press investment.

Cavanaugh’s reliance on Heidelberg also extends to its use of Saphira consumables, including plates and proofing papers. “The one thing we won’t do is introduce variables into our workflow in the form of generic or inferior consumables. While our Saphira plates clearly are outperforming our old plates with respect to sharpness, gain, and consistency, they also excel in maintaining the proper ink-water balance.” How does he know? “Pressmen are very sensitive to this issue,” Atwell said. “When you’re hearing no complaints from the operators, you know you have a winner.”

Twenty-five-year-old, family owned and operated Cavanaugh Press occupies 60,000 square feet in two adjacent facilities in Baltimore. The company serves a national client base made up of discerning commercial print buyers.

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Marange Printing Takes Business to the Next Level with Speedmaster XL 105

Established in 1986, Marange Printing in Belleville, N.J. has watched trends come and go. As a result, it appreciates the staying power of proven Heidelberg technology, as evidenced by its investment history. The company recently upgraded its all-Heidelberg pressroom with a 6-color Speedmaster XL 105 to ensure its continued success. “Because the advertising agencies and brokers we work with are well aware of the capabilities built into every piece of Heidelberg equipment, being an all-Heidelberg shop really helps us to win and retain business,” said owner Angelo Autiero. “It’s likely our business would suffer if the reverse were true.” With the machine in production less than six months, it’s hard for Autiero to predict the return on his investment, but so far, “everything is on pace or ahead of schedule,” he said.... What Autiero also has noticed is that since the installation of the XL 105, his company is more profitable, even if the volume of work is down because of the shaky economy. “What that tells me,” Autiero said, “is that we have less work overall but are doing it more efficiently.”

In addition, Autiero noted, a major advantage to buying Heidelberg equipment concerns its resale: “You go to sell a Heidelberg in five years’ time and find it has retained its value,” he said. Marange often runs the XL 105 at its full rated speed of 18,000 sph while turning out a staggering array of commercially printed products. Autiero credits the new machine’s outstanding preset capabilities, and rapid setup and changeover for enabling his company to continue to provide the outstanding customer service his clients expect. The company also operates a Suprasetter 105 MCL platesetter, a 45” programmable POLAR cutter 137ED, TH 82 Stahlfolder, a Stitchmaster ST 100 saddlestitcher, and several Heidelberg small-format presses. As for consumables, Autiero said, “With the installation of our new Suprasetter 105 MCL we committed to using Heidelberg Saphira chemicals and proofing materials. We’ve found that our plates achieve longer runs and higher print quality than before.”

With 53 employees, the busy commercial printer serves a national customer base made up primarily of finance, direct mail and marketing companies.

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Pavsner Press Claims Trifecta with Purchase of Third Speedmaster Perfecting Press

Pavsner Press, a general commercial printer serving Baltimore and the surrounding area since 1963, now boasts a total of three Heidelberg perfecting presses in its equipment lineup. The firm’s most recent acquisition is a 6-color Speedmaster SM 102 perfector with coater, Instant Gate and Axis Control, which joins the shop’s existing 2-color SM 102 and 5-color, 29” SM 74 in turning out a wide range of commercial printing for its loyal clients. “We needed more efficiency, faster speeds and faster makereadies to stay competitive,” said company President Lenny Hilliard. “The Preset Plus Feeder minimizes our set up time. The entire feeder can be fully set from the console with extreme precision, to the point that our second pressman has commented that he hardly touches the feeder going from one job to the next.” Another feature Hilliard admires is the InkLine 3000 ink supply system, which he termed “a pressman’s best friend. It maintains a constant level of ink throughout the entire run under all consumption rates. The press stays cleaner and there is virtually no waste. The pressman can attend to other priorities rather than chasing the level and replenishment of ink.” As for the Axis Control Color measurement system, he said, "I can't believe how quickly our pressmen have embraced this technology. It’s a great tool for production and quality - the first sheet is identical to the last.” Hilliard predicts a 30-40 percent increase in production as a result of these and other enhancements.

The presence of three perfecting presses in its all-Heidelberg pressroom gives Pavsner the flexibility to turn work faster and more cost-effectively for his customers because, as Hilliard maintains, “The printer that can do the work more quickly gets the job. It’s as simple as that.”  The company is currently working its way through a Heidelberg Start-Up Performance Kit containing Saphira press wash, fountain solution, blankets and other supplies, and has been pleased with the results. As to the value of owning a Heidelberg, “We’re long-term thinkers, so it has always made sense for us to rely on a press supplier whose equipment is built for the ages and whose reputation is as solid as Heidelberg’s,” Hilliard said. “Reliability is the key to customer service, and we know that our Heidelberg presses will print the same way they do now in five or ten years’ time. These days, there’s no margin for error. By choosing Heidelberg, we make good on our promise to deliver a quality product to our customers as quickly as possible.”

To learn more about the Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 102, click here.

A Stitch in Time: Phillips Graphic Finishing Buys Two Heidelberg ST 450 Saddlestitchers  

Phillips Graphic Finishing, a full-service trade binder and print finisher in Manheim, Pa., recently replaced two aging saddlestitchers with a pair of Stitchmaster ST 450 saddlestitchers from Heidelberg. Phillips understands the value of equipment that helps the company keep the promises it makes to customers. “A business like ours rises or falls, based on its ability to accommodate customer schedules and push the work out as fast as possible,” said Doug Shelly, owner. Although the company evaluated a number of alternatives, it was during a demo of the Stitchmaster ST 450 at Heidelberg’s Print Media Demonstration Center in Kennesaw, Ga. that Shelly and his team determined that the company stood to benefit greatly from the automation, speed, flexibility and other options available with the ST 450, the most productive and versatile saddlestitcher in its performance class. “We were looking for faster makereadies and a faster process,” Shelly said. “At the end of the day, it wasn’t a hard decision. The Stitchmaster 450 is the only saddlestitcher on the market that affords us the speed and flexibility we need to accomplish our frequent job changes.” Shelly was particularly impressed with the ST 450’s versatile cover folder feeder and interchangeable pocket feeders, which he termed “big selling features.” Installed in December 2008, the company’s two new saddlestitchers to date boast more than two million impressions apiece. Adds Shelly, “The value of these machines is huge in terms of speed and turnaround. Our makereadies have been cut in half, and our run speeds are already nearly double what they were before.”
Click here for more information about the Stitchmaster ST 450 saddlestitcher.

Frank Gumpert Says Goodbye to Overtime with Suprasetter 74 CtP Device

Frank Gumpert Printing of Annapolis, Md. has accelerated its plating capabilities and vastly improved its operating efficiency and plating accuracy since it replaced an aging, manual-feed platesetter with a highly automated Suprasetter 74 SCL with Printready workflow and Meta Dimension RIP, all from Heidelberg. “The beauty of our new CtP device lies in the quality of the internal punching that gives us automatic registration and dot-for-dot accuracy on press,” said company President Jeff Ostenso. “There’s no more waiting for plates, and remakes are a breeze thanks to the quick and efficient PDF workflow.” The longtime Heidelberg customer defines the return on its investment in wholly practical terms: “One of our senior prepress operators used to spend around 20 percent of his time loading plates, but that’s a thing of the past now,” Ostenso explained. “Thanks to the automated cassette loading on the new platesetter, we can deploy that operator more productively and economically to RIPping and managing files.” The company still makes between 600 and 700 plates each week, “but we do it in less time and with significant net savings in man hours and overtime,” Ostenso said. Those savings are amplified and secured through integration of the new Suprasetter in the Prinect Printready prepress workflow. The company uses Saphira Chemfree plates, which “hold a great dot,” Ostenso said, and it also operates POLAR 92 and POLAR 115 EMC paper cutters.

Established in 1955, Frank Gumpert Printing provides a primarily East Coast/Mid-Atlantic clientele with a wide variety of commercially printed products. The company employs 60 people between its 25,000-square-foot Annapolis facility and Baltimore sales office.

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Philipp Litho Adds Efficiencies to Pressroom with Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105

For Philipp Lithographing Co., an industry leader in large-format printing located in Grafton, Wis., size definitely matters.  The company recently replaced its aging Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102 40” press with a 6-color Speedmaster XL 105, enabling the company to run sheet sizes up to 29.53” x 41.34” (as opposed to the 28x40” maximum sheet size on the CD 102), an enhancement that is proving to be of significant benefit to the company. According to Peter Buening, President and CEO of Philipp Litho, “It’s not always about running more multiple-ups, but the fact that we often receive a form that is too large for a 40” press but too small to run efficiently on our 64” machine. When the need arises, we can run the XL 105 to capacity, rather than underutilizing the larger press.”

Philipp, however, is enjoying not only the benefit of the larger sheet sizes that the new press can accommodate, but also the vast array of new features this press offers. Buening notes that “the XL 105 is a great addition to [Philipp’s] pressroom for many reasons,” explaining that the XL 105 (with Instant Gate, DryStar Advanced, Color Assistant and Prinect Prepress Interface) has provided Philipp with upgraded, automated features the CD 102 lacked, such as presetting of the ink fountain keys, fully automatic plate-changing, and many built-in quality control features (including the ability to monitor LAB readings). Buening adds that the XL 105’s faster running speed has definitely proven to be a “huge help.”

According to Buening, Philipp Litho operates the XL 105 across two shifts at around 17,000 sph for most kinds of work, and has already logged one-and-a-half million impressions in its first full month of operation. “The XL 105 brings so many advanced features and adds so many efficiencies to our pressroom,” Buening said. “The press has been up and running for just over a month and we already have realized tremendous savings in makeready time, running speeds and vast improvements in color management that keeps the color consistent across the sheet. The XL 105 also provides excellent data management and shop floor data collection.” The company protects its high-tech workhorse with Heidelberg’s comprehensive 3-year, Systemservice36 maintenance contract, which Buening termed a “huge plus” for press owners. With 55 employees, Philipp Litho specializes in point-of-purchase display materials from header cards to life-sized, stand-up figures, as well as high-quality printing of corrugated packaging and product labels. The company serves a diverse customer base located across the United States.

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