Valasssis Survey Reveals Supermarket Media Preferences

LIVONIA, MI—July 9, 2012—Valassis shared the results of a study indicating that 90 percent of grocery retailers still use weekly circulars as their promotion of choice, although they clearly expect the increased influence of social media and digital channels to greatly impact their tactics within the next five years. This was among the findings of the “Supermarket Media Usage Study” of 60 leading grocery decision makers, representing approximately 50 national and independent grocers/chains. The survey was executed on behalf of Valassis by Stagnito Custom Media.

“This is the first survey of its kind seeking input from decision makers in the grocery retail sector and provides insight into their promotions, success metrics and future promotional strategies,” said Pierce Hollingsworth, editorial director, Retail Leader.

When it comes to effectiveness, the study revealed that 75 percent of grocery retailers realize increased results from print circulars, which drives their preference. More specifically, 50 percent indicated increased sales and 25 percent cited increased customer retention.

Rank of Media to Meet Weekly Sales Objectives (1=Best)
Media Ranking
Printed Weekly Circular via Newspaper 1.64
Printed Weekly Circular via Shared Mail 2.07
Direct Mail (Solo Mail) 2.54
Internet Display 4.12
Email 4.36
TV 4.43
Radio 4.55
Mobile/Cell/Smartphone 5.50

The study also found that grocers are adapting their media tactics in response to declining paid newspaper circulation, and have decreased their newspaper-distributed circulars within the past year. As a result, 26 percent of respondents reported increased usage of mail-delivered and online promotions.

Grocers are developing strategies for the targeting and distribution of their circulars by using a combination of internal sales data and consumer insights. Among the findings:

  • 90 percent say customers plan differently by trip type, and
  • 82 percent believe consumers are making more buying decisions at home than three years ago.

Two-thirds of respondents also indicated they expect that social media/Internet channels will be a more significant component of their media plans within five years. Sixty-five percent of respondents expect that over the course of the next five years, social media/Internet marketing will be the medium of choice for grocers to meet sales goals