Special Coatings/Enhancements: Value-Added Touch of Class

Packaging Graphics’ manroland 700 press is equipped with multiple coating units.

Scott Marrs, vice president and general manager of Marrs Printing & Packaging.

“Take the jewelry market for example,” he adds. “The shine, gloss and texture of a real piece of jewelry is captivating. So, capturing or replicating that experience and turning it into successful marketing materials is imperative. Imagine looking at a diamond ring in a direct mail piece; now imagine being able to feel the actual texture of that ring—all of the bevels, curves and surfaces of the actual product there for you to touch. It immediately ignites a stronger emotional connection through your senses.”

Another strong tactile experience for the consumer meshes well with the beverage market, he adds. Certain elements of touch related to a cold drink—such as ice sitting atop the can, condensation running down the side, the smooth surface of the pull tab—all can be replicated on a printed ad in a mailer or magazine, or at the point-of-purchase (POP).

“What makes this technology so revolutionary is that it isn’t limited to any vertical market; we have the aptitude to creatively concept and integrate Scodix into marketing for any industry,” Defino remarks.

Tukaiz has aggressively marketed the capabilities of its Scodix S74, from Graph Expo in its back yard of Chicago to the HOW Design Conference. “There is no better way to communicate its capabilities than to encourage seeing, touching and experiencing,” Defino says.

The beauty of UV and other coatings is that they allow the customers to sell the sizzle instead of the steak which, from a marketing point of view, is much easier to accomplish. Greg Iannuccillo, vice president of sales and packaging for Packaging Graphics—a member of The MATLET Group family based in Pawtucket, RI—points out that much of the UV work his firm produces is geared toward the home and personal care spaces. Colognes and cosmetic products (razors, toothpaste cartons, hair conditioners, deodorants) often go for the premium look with more sheen than a normal gloss.

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