UV Printing Process Intrigues Coldset Printers

ELIZABETHVILLE, PA—More than 22 commercial coldset and newspaper printers converged on Dauphin Graphic Machines’ (DGM) headquarters recently to get a better understanding of how the UV printing process could benefit them at a one-day seminar co-sponsored by Flint Ink and Prime UV Systems.

The event was held at DGM’s state-of-the-art training facility, CMYK University, located here. The seminar was unique in that, after discussing the finer points of the UV printing process with experts from DGM, Flint Ink and Prime UV, attendees were able to step into the press lab that adjoins the CMYK classroom and watch a live demonstration of the UV curing process using supercalendered and coated stocks on a DGM 440 web offset printing press.

“We have this fantastic facility, so we thought why not take advantage of it?” explained Brian LaBine, DGM president. “The UV printing process is definitely something in which our customers are very interested. We’ve been fielding a lot of questions about it recently,” he added.

Many of attendees, who came from across the nation, are looking for ways to add a heatset-like product to their business, without having to go to the expense and complications of adding heatset equipment, according to LaBine.

The UV curing process offers coldset printers several benefits, remarked Alan Applebaum, director of technical support and new business for Flint Ink.

“UV inks are capable of being printed on a wider range of substrates. UV inks also offer printers instantaneous curing. It also provides improved color reproduction, which means brighter, sharper images with no back dry.” He says that printing UV also provides reduced startup waste, improved rub and mark resistance, and higher gloss capabilities.

But the benefits don’t end there.

UV curing offers some relief from high energy costs, as well as little to no environmental complications since there are no VOCs to contend with.

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