UV Inkjet Technology from ITL and ITW Trans Tech Featured in TV Show

CHICAGO—July 8, 2011—Television viewers got a sneak peak into the latest developments in UV inkjet printing and curing when the USA’s ION network’s “World’s Greatest…” show spotlighted the partnership between Integration Technology Ltd. (ITL) and industrial inkjet manufacturer ITW Trans Tech.

The “World’s Greatest…” show features interviews with some of the world’s most unique companies and includes insightful behind-the-scenes footage of products made by those companies. In an episode filmed in the Chicagoland area, the show explains how ITW’s digital inkjet systems—which incorporate UV LED light sources—enable manufacturers to print high-quality images directly onto plastic and metal parts and to adjust the content of what is being printed as often as manufacturers like with no line interruptions.

This ability to print “variable data” makes it possible to decorate parts with unique information—from brand names and serial numbers to coding and tracking information. Such flexibility has been too costly and time consuming to be practical with conventional printing.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, this TV show is worth a million” says Jennifer Heathcote, general manager of ITL’s North American operation. “It’s great to see technology in action. We provide plenty of technical information about the advantages of UV curing and our solid-state UV LED sources on our Website, in articles and in presentations, but with video you actually get to see UV being used in an innovative way that underscores the fact that this technology is ready for creative applications.”

For ITW, the show was “a great opportunity to show how we worked with our partner to develop a process that will find all kinds of uses we haven’t even thought of yet,” says Chris DeMell, technical sales manager for ITW Trans Tech’s digital products. “TV reaches a lot of people, and it’s great to think that somebody might watch this show and say, ‘I could use that machine to solve my problem.’”

Source: ITL