USPS Seeks to Cut Day of Mail Delivery

WASHINGTON, DC—Citing a nine billion piece reduction in mail volume during 2008, U.S. Postal Service Postmaster General John Potter asked Congress in January to drop the requirement of delivering mail six days per week. Potter noted that the USPS was $2.8 billion in the red during 2008, and that the loss could climb as high as $6 billion this year. Eliminating one day of delivery could reportedly help the Postal Service save as much as $3.5 billion annually. USPS studies have shown that Tuesday, and not Saturday, is the lightest volume day.

As expected, the governors of the USPS have approved new prices for mailing services, including a 2-cent increase in the price of a First-Class Mail stamp to 44 cents. Prices for mailing services are reviewed annually and adjusted each May. The new prices will go into effect May 11.

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