Mailing & Fulfillment — ‘Move Update’ Moves Forward

Mary Ann Bennett

Step 1: Know the Requirement

Currently, addresses on all Presorted First Class Mail must be updated within 185 days before the mailing date with a Postal Service-approved method:

o Address Change Service (ACS);

o National Change of Address Linkage System (NCOALink);

o FASTforward MLOCR processes if used each time before mail entry;

o Mailer Move Update Process Certification and USPS-approved alternative methods for mailers with legitimate restrictions on incorporating USPS-supplied change-of-address information into their mailing lists (see section on 99 Percent Accuracy); or

o Appropriate ancillary service endorsement.

Step 2: Identify Your Level of Exposure

You and your staff know your clients. You know whether or not they mail claiming First Class Presort discounts and how frequently.

o Who controls or is responsible for the database maintenance?

o If your customers perform their own database maintenance, how do they handle address change notifications?

o Is your mailing permit number being used by your client?

o Your signature is on the mailing statement, which alone “certifies” that the addresses in this mailing have met the entire Move Update standard. Chances are you will probably fight a losing battle and be held liable if you cannot present the “supporting documentation.” Thus, penalties and fines may be assessed.

o Review your clients one at a time and rank their “risk” levels and your potential exposure.

Step 3: Educate Internal Staff and Be Prepared for Pushback

Particularly those who can never say “no” to a customer.

o Assure that your salespeople and CSRs are aware of the risks associated with telling a client he can mail First Class using your permit, etc.

o Your CSRs have to ask the questions and check on the status of the addresses in the list.

o Do you have “current” Move Update documentation in-house?

o Does the customer have it, so it can be provided upon request?

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