USPS Issues RFI for Outsourcing of NCOA Program

WASHINGTON, DC—03/19/09—The United States Postal Service has put out the following Request for Information (RFI) regarding proposals for a third party to manage its change-of-address (COA) program:

United States Postal Service Request for Information (RFI):

Moversource Program

The United States Postal Service (“USPS”) is seeking information from parties interested in engaging in a long-term relationship as Supplier and/or alliance partner with the USPS to implement innovative solutions to enable USPS to efficiently and effectively manage its change-of-address (COA) program, while capturing the significant commercial opportunities presented when a postal patron submits change of address forms in connection with a move. Although the USPS desires at this time that interested parties be willing to fund all costs associated with the program, your response should address how the operating costs and potential future investments could be financed as well as your interest in taking on this role.

The process requires the submission of information from interested parties followed by an evaluation period in which the USPS will determine whether to move forward with a statement of work and request for proposal.

Over 46 million Americans change their addresses annually and the processing of change-of-address (COA) orders received from postal patrons is a vital and necessary part of the USPS’s core mission to maintain timely service to the public. In service of this mission, the USPS processes approximately 46 million change-of-address orders each year. .

The mobility of the American population presents formidable challenges for the USPS and business mailers to maintain high-quality mailing lists that are up-to-date and accurate. It also offers a significant commercial opportunity for businesses to form relationships with potential customers because moving inspires increased, and predictable, event-driven spending patterns both before and after the move date. The USPS currently offers several services for postal patrons to update their address when they move., however, the USPS will not provide name and address lists to the supplier and/or alliance partner or vendors, pursuant to 39 U.S.C. § 412 and federal privacy policies

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