U.S. Government Printing Office Attains SGP Certification

BOHEMIA, NY—Dec. 10, 2012—Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Partnership, a non-profit organization providing sustainability certification in the graphic communications industry, announced that the headquarters of the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) has attained SGP Certification. GPO is responsible for the production and distribution of information products and services for all branches of the federal government, including U.S. passports for the Department of State and the official publications of Congress, the White House, and other federal agencies.

SGP Certification is important to GPO’s “Strategic Plan for FY 2013-2017,” which identifies environmental stewardship as a priority. The plan specifies recycling, reducing energy consumption, and reducing the GPO’s carbon footprint, while providing federal customers with sustainable printing alternatives, as continuing initiatives for the agency.

This certification builds upon other certifications the agency has received recently, including the IDEAlliance Master Printer certification and the certification of Graphic Arts Industry Color Viewing Standard ISO 3664:2009.

“GPO is committed to smart environmental practices and will continue moving forward with environmental initiatives,” said Acting Public Printer Davita Vance-Cooks. “I am proud that GPO received the SGP Certification and is being recognized for our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and provide customers with sustainable printing options.”

“The addition of the US Government Printing Office to the community of SGP Certified printers confirms the Federal Government’s commitment to increase their sustainability footprint,” states Marci Kinter, chairperson, SGP.

About GPO
GPO is the Federal Government’s primary resource for producing, procuring, cataloging, indexing, authenticating, disseminating, and preserving the official information products of the U.S. Government in both digital and tangible formats. In addition to publication sales, GPO provides for permanent public access to Federal Government information at no charge through GPO’s Federal Digital System and through partnerships with approximately 1,200 libraries nationwide participating in the Federal Depository Library Program.

About SGP
SGP is a non-profit organization providing sustainability certification in the graphic communications industry. The organization promotes reducing the environmental impact and increasing the social responsibility through sustainable green printing practices. To receive SGP Certification, print facilities go well beyond compliance with applicable local, state, and federal laws. They establish sustainability management systems, implement best practices, and commit to continuous improvements in sustainability. Certified facilities are also required to report on progress annually.

Source: SGP.