UPM Plans to Cut 1.3 Million Tonnes of Paper Capacity in Europe

HELSINKI, FINLAND—August 31, 2011—As part of the Myllykoski integration, UPM has completed a comprehensive review of the long-term competitiveness of its publication paper mills. The review has covered asset efficiency, production input availability and costs as well as end-use markets.

As a result of the review, UPM plans to adjust its magazine paper capacity to match the needs of its global customer base. Therefore, UPM will start negotiations with employees on the plan to permanently remove 1.2 million tonnes of magazine paper capacity in Finland, Germany and France, and 110,000 of newsprint capacity in Germany. The plan also includes restructuring of the overlapping paper sales and supply chain networks and global functions.

The planned measures include:

  • permanent closure of the UPM Myllykoski mill in Kouvola in Finland,
  • permanent closure of the UPM Albbruck mill in Germany,
  • permanent closure of the paper machine #3 at the UPM Ettringen mill in Germany,
  • transfer of the sheeting lines from UPM Albbruck mill to UPM Plattling mill in Germany,
  • sale or other exit of the UPM Stracel paper mill from UPM Paper Business Group, and
  • restructuring of overlapping paper sales and supply chain network as well as global functions.

In addition, UPM plans to temporarily close the paper machine #2 producing uncoated fine paper at UPM Nordland Papier in Germany and streamline operations in Pietarsaari pulp and paper mills in Finland.

The planned closure of the Myllykoski and Albbruck mills and the paper machine #3 of UPM Ettringen would be scheduled by the end of 2011. The Stracel mill sales process would start this autumn and is expected to be completed within twelve months.

The implementation of the plan would reduce the number of employees by approximately 1,170. Based on the plan, UPM will book in the third quarter of 2011 an approximately EUR 70 million write-off in fixed assets and make a provision for costs of approximately EUR 200 million. Net cash impact from the restructuring plan amounts to approximately EUR 170 million. Annual synergy benefits of the Myllykoski acquisition including the planned actions are estimated to total approximately EUR 200 million.

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