Unisource Takes Defunct Printer to Court

EUGENE, OR—Printing supplies distributor Unisource Worldwide has filed a lawsuit seeking $3.3 million it says is owed by defunct printer Northwest Web, The Register-Guard reported. The printer closed its doors last November. According to the paper, Unisource continued making deliveries to Northwest Web through November, despite not receiving payments since April. A lawyer for Unisource told the Register-Guard that the chance of his client getting paid at this point is “pretty slim.”

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  • http://JerryReihl Jerry Reihl

    Don’t be ridiculous with this. Why put more money into a black hole that you allowed to grow. Product and service all comes with a price. A reasonable price and a reasonable relationship. Obviously these two "big guys" didn’t and now they still want to fight about it. Waste more time, more money, build more anxiety and frustration over this business decision of their error for not doing their jobs’ correctly.