Unibind Launches Printed Memory Book Service

“Personalization in funeral service arrangements is nothing new. But, providing client families with both a personalized experience in the moment—during the funeral or memorial service—and one they can return to as often as they need to in the weeks and months following the service, can be challenging,” Stacey continued. “The influx of personalized tribute, or memory, books is a reflection of this desire to fill the needs of client families more completely. Green Meadows Memory Books are fine examples of memory books ‘done right,’ with elegance of presentation, ease of creation, and reliable delivery.”

Unibind CEO Brigitte Peleman-Vantieghem, who has spearheaded her company’s extensive international involvement in photo books, said, “We have watched as people become absorbed in the excitement and emotion of viewing photo books—a printed book containing both pictures and descriptions—produced for almost every occasion. The idea of producing a durable ‘Memory Book’ to remind us of all those key moments in the lives of our loved ones is certainly not new. However, creating a simple, systematic process that can be offered through a funeral home provides an opportunity for those who must quickly decide how to best commemorate a relative to add a living memorial.”

This program was conceived last year with the Photofinishing News International Consulting Group (PNICG), combining Unibind’s extensive experience producing photo books with PNICG’s vast knowledge of the worldwide photo imaging industry.

About Unibind and Peleman Industries
Founded in 1939, Peleman Industries Inc. is a privately-held manufacturer of Unibind-branded binding, laminating and presentation products. With its worldwide headquarters in Puurs, Belgium, and U.S. operations located in Alpharetta, GA. Unibind sells its products directly and through distributors in more than 100 countries. For more information, visit www.unibind.com or www.greenmeadowsmemories.com.

About Photofinishing News International Consulting Group

Since 1983, the Group has been studying photo imaging markets all around the world and works closely with companies who wish to leverage their knowledge of this industry to connect with the emotional need of consumers to record their life experiences. For more information, visit www.photo-news.com.