Unibind Launches Printed Memory Book Service

ALPHARETTA, GA—June 2, 2011—Working closely with funeral and cremation industry companies, Unibind has developed a program that will enable them to create a “living memory” of a departed loved one. The new Green Meadows Memories Book Program will enable directors of funeral homes and crematoriums to create keepsake portfolios for their clients that could contain photographs and text combined in a photo book, heirloom documents and even a guest book registry.

The overall program has been designed to minimize the time required by directors or staff members, especially during the hectic period surrounding the service, while providing a top-quality treasured memory of the departed person or pet. Photos and documents to be included are collected over a short period and digitized. Together with any digital images received from family members, a funeral home/crematorium staff member creates the photo book and portfolio enclosure online using a Photo Book Wizard, which incorporates various templates, and a simplified “drag and drop” design. Once processed, the order is delivered directly to the client. Additional copies may be ordered weeks, days, months or even years after the event.

For customers who also want to have photographs taken during the event, Unibind can provide the names of local professional photographers who are certified by its network as qualified to provide thoughtful photographic coverage and also create a customized keepsake. In such a case, the funeral home or crematorium contracts directly with the photographer.

“What makes this a desirable keepsake for families,” commented Kim Stacey, CEO at the Association of Women Funeral Directors, “is that Green Meadows Memories have taken the time to do the research and have created the ‘Memory Book,’ a beautiful hardbound book of photos that families can treasure for generations. By listening to the needs of funeral professionals they have produced a process which is easy-to-use on the side of the funeral home and quick-to-deliver on the production side. Green Meadows Memories is the perfect company for funeral homes to partner with, because they know what both families and funeral directors are looking for—and they deliver a product that pleases—every time.