Two Steps to Discovering the Value of pURLs

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Step 2. Put this project on the front burner.

The way technology moves, we can assume that pURLs will become commonplace at some point. The benefit of initiating pURLs now is that when everybody else is doing it, you’ll be doing it better, having already established a feedback loop between yourself and your customers. They’ll already understand your business provides them with the best offers, personalized to their needs. That’s the beauty of pURLs.

Indeed, many marketers believe that you can’t wait too long. “One day everyone will be doing pURLs,” asserts Mike Robinson, vice president of Performance Direct Marketing in Fort Worth, TX. The days of prospects being freaked out by pre-populating forms on a Website are gone. Doing a big pURL campaign for a major newspaper, for example, he encountered very few complaints.

He mentions the recent Direct Marketing Association statistic: 42 percent of people who respond to a direct mail offer would rather respond online.

“That’s just online. Add a pURL, and you’re talking even higher,” he predicts.

Robinson suggests an illustration that could seal the deal with many wary clients. Send out 200 mail pieces with just a general URL. Fifty prospects go there and 10 complete something. So now you know them. But you don’t know the other 40. They’re gone and may never be “seen” again.

“With a pURL, you have 10 sales and know exactly where the other 40 dropped off. So now you can go after those people,” Robinson explains

For direct mail providers and printers, pURLs also represent a huge opportunity, he believes. “We’re a large print direct mailer. We have continuous form, etc. We can do two million pieces a day. So how are we different from all the others that do print and mail? One, I’m high-volume. Two, I’ve got pURLs.”

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