Trekk to Tweet at On Demand Conference

ROCKFORD, IL—March 25, 2009—Want to know where to find the best sessions and giveaways at On Demand? How about the best food and drinks? Start twittering, and follow the tweets at and

In addition to leading sessions, Trekk Cross-Media will be tweeting throughout the On Demand Conference and Expo, which runs from March 30th to April 2nd in Philadelphia.

On Wednesday, April 1st, Jeffrey Stewart, Chief Technology Officer at Trekk will lead a session called, “What to Do When Your W2P Application Grows Up: Using CMS and DAM to Manage Complex Assets.” Stewart will discuss critical considerations for scaling Web-to-Print systems and why it’s important to use fewer, more sophisticated templates. Session attendees will also learn how integrated digital asset management and content management systems can be used to solve check-in, checkout, workflow and versioning challenges.

Also on Wednesday, Michael Frieri, Director of Business Development at Trekk and Allison Rice, Brand Manager, US Promotional Products at Amsterdam Printing, will lead a session highlighting a unique program created by Trekk. “Expand Campaigns to Incorporate More Complex Variability and Target Larger Audiences: A Case Study in High-Volume VDP,” chronicles the real-life example of a high-volume, cross-media campaign. Attendees will see creative use of variable and learn valuable tips and tricks for scaling up variable campaigns and processing high-volume variable images.

Throughout the conference, Stewart, Frieri and other “Trekkies” will be hunting down useful tips and information for Tweet followers that will make their trip to On Demand memorable and productive. If you’re planning to be at On Demand, be sure to follow the tweets at and

On Demand Conference & Expo is the world’s leading digital printing conference and exposition, encompassing all the technologies used to create, manage, personalize, print and deliver content. It’s about more than print on demand technology, management and strategy; it’s insight into the future of the printing industry by experts who have been at the forefront of the printing business for many years.

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