TransPromo Special Report — Learning from Those Who Know

While electronic document delivery has been around since the 1990s, consumer adoption has been relatively low. Personix notes that as e-mails are used to deliver more transactional documents, companies will need to deliver more and more sophisticated solutions. They will need to link personalized URLs with offers, as well as provide mobile phone support.

Measurement and Metrics

One of the most important ingredients for TransPromo is measurement. According to Mathis, “Personalized URLs are used not only to measure performance, but to generate leads. It is about relevant personalization, great creative and an intriguing offer. And let’s not forget that clients are also asking for user-specific dashboards and API-based tools that can be integrated with their workflows.”

Last, but not least, the final component is deciding who to sell to. While the primary focus used to be in operations, it is now the vice president of marketing. Salespeople need to be able to speak the language of marketing. Terms like customer touch, analytics, micro-sites, ROI and LTV (lifetime value) need to become part of their ongoing dialogue.

The message is that while the technology is readily available and there is a well-defined marketing need, implementing TransPromo communications is not without challenges. Effective participation requires a clear understanding of color management, data analytics, multichannel services, measurement and metrics, as well as a new selling process.

In a world that is oversaturated with marketing messages, marketers are seeking ways to produce more relevant communications that break through the clutter, move the recipient to action, and create a dialogue that enables marketers to gather new information, so they can fine-tune their messaging and offers for even more relevance.

Finding new and innovative ways to leverage statements, notifications and other transactional documents as a marketing platform is emerging as critical for achieving both of these aims—giving the consumer what he or she is asking for, in a manner that delivers ROI for the marketer. The rewards couldn’t be greater—TransPromo represents an opportunity to increase customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and retention. Offers to cross-sell and up-sell mean improved profits.

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