TransPromo Special Report — A Concept Whose Time Has Come

What’s more, advances in software tools make it easy to design and implement complex, personalized communications applications with a full range of data handling, layout, graphical workflow, color management, content collaboration, approval, and proofing and message management capabilities.

Beyond e-bill presentment options, companies are working to make transaction documents true multi-channel communications vehicles with relevant offers linked to personalized URLs and landing pages. Mobile technology combined with Quick Response (QR) codes (see sidebar) is a significant advance in transforming transaction documents into true multichannel communication vehicles.

Changing postal regulations: Under USPS rates that went into effect in May 2007, businesses are given incentives to do more with existing communications. While the postage costs on nearly every class of mail increased (and, in some cases nearly doubled), it is now less expensive to send higher-weight letters. For example, the postage on a First-Class, two-ounce letter decreased by nearly 8 percent.

Creating the Recipe for Success

Marketers and print service providers agree: TransPromo has a proven value proposition. A successful TransPromo campaign requires a different mindset and several essential ingredients, including:

The right message: Marketing executives are no longer debating the power of personalization. If customers feel that they are receiving messages intended only for them, it increases loyalty, sales and revenues.

The right person: Database and marketing analytics are essential to segmenting and identifying the most valuable clients. Effective campaigns require organizations to dissect their customer database and assign a propensity score based on any combination of demographic, psychographic and behavioral data.

The right time: Marketing departments at companies in various industry sectors (i.e., banking, insurance, financial services, retail) recognize the crucial role that the timing of an offer plays in its success.

The right channel: Marketers need to build a repository that identifies which customer is more likely to respond via a specific channel. Messaging should be consistent and coordinated across print, online media and call centers.

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