Transcontinental Combining Its Digital and Interactive Marketing Solutions Operations

MONTREAL—Oct. 3, 2011—On Nov. 1, 2011, Transcontinental will implement a new operating structure in order to become more agile at meeting the multiplatform marketing communication needs of its customers. The operations of Transcontinental Media and Transcontinental Interactive will be combined into a single sector, “Transcontinental Media,” with Natalie Larivière serving as president. Larivière has been a driving force in the development of Transcontinental’s digital products and services since 2006.

The sector will now be responsible for products and services in publishing, distribution, data analytics and management, as well as interactive marketing solutions (mobile, digital promotions, etc.) and digital media. The purpose of this new stage in the advancement of Transcontinental’s business plan is to better respond to the current needs of businesses that want to reach increasingly fragmented audiences.

“After three years of developing our interactive marketing products and services, it became a natural step to provide our customers with an integrated offer by grouping them in our media operations,” said François Olivier, president and CEO of Transcontinental. “Supply and demand in the marketing communications industry has changed rapidly, reflecting the ever-growing presence of communication channels such as mobile technology and social media. In this new environment our customers want to reach their target customers more effectively by using a combination of media, digital and interactive solutions.

“Concretely, the reorganization of our digital activities and interactive marketing solutions will make it easier to market our products and services and emphasize our offer on the various communication platforms, while continuing to deploy our other media and printing products.”

This reorganization furthers the development plan Transcontinental began implementing in 2008 to strengthen its traditional core operations and build new marketing services. Over the past three years, this plan has enabled the company to carve out an enviable position in the Canadian market for interactive marketing products and services and new digital platforms. Transcontinental’s digital activities and interactive marketing solutions now generate more than $175 million in revenues on an annualized basis and employ some 1,000 people in Canada and the United States.

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