Transcontinental Closing Its Printing Plant in Quebec; Around 150 Jobs Lost

MONTREAL—Nov. 1, 2012—Transcontinental Inc. is closing, on or about Dec. 20, 2012, its printing plant at 7743 Bourdeau St. in LaSalle, Quebec, leading to the loss of some 150 jobs. All employees affected by the termination of printing operations at this plant have been informed of the decision and will receive severance pay as well as out-placement services to help them find new jobs.

“The printing industry is undergoing a major transformation that is altering supply and demand. Given the capacity and potential of our network, we have concluded that we have excess production capacity in relation to market demand. In order for Transcontinental inc. to remain competitive in this industry under pressure and get the most out of its most efficient equipment, we have had to make the difficult decision to terminate our printing operations at LaSalle,” said Marian Kerr, senior vice president, Retail and Newspapers – Eastern.

This decision is not based in any way on the quality of the work or performance of the team at Transcontinental LaSalle. Transcontinental inc. sincerely thanks all the employees at the plant for their dedication and professionalism.

About TC Transcontinental
TC Transcontinental creates marketing products and services that allow businesses to attract, reach and retain their target customers. The Corporation is the largest printer in Canada and the fourth-largest in North America. As the leading publisher of consumer magazines and French-language educational resources, and of community newspapers in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces, it is also one of Canada’s major media groups. TC Transcontinental is also the leading door-to-door distributor of advertising material in Canada through its Publisac network in Quebec and Targeo in the rest of Canada. Thanks to a wide digital network of more than 3,500 websites, the Corporation reaches over 18.7 million unique visitors per month in Canada. TC Transcontinental also offers interactive marketing products and services that use new communication platforms supported by marketing strategy and planning services, database analytics, premedia, e-flyers, email marketing, custom communications and mobile solutions.

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