Transcontinental CC3 Buys Liberty

MONTREAL—Newly minted integrated direct marketing services provider Transcontinental CC3 has acquired certain assets of Dallas-based Liberty Graphics, a direct marketing services and commercial print provider.

Liberty Graphics posted annual sales of U.S.$9 million. CC3 parent company Transcontinental announced that more than 40 Liberty Graphics employees would be hired, with certain direct mail and fulfillment equipment coming over to Transcontinental CC3’s 95,000-square-foot facility in Dallas-Fort Worth.

The acquisition raises annual capacity at the plant to more than 500 million litho printed forms and laser personalized letters.

“Boosting capacity in our Dallas-Fort Worth facility strongly supports Transcontinental CC3’s strategy to continue its expansion and offer a nationwide model for integrated direct marketing and printing capabilities,” states Don McKenzie, president of Transcontinental CC3. “It also provides marketers in the region with strong service levels, fast turnaround times, and the attention of a nearby direct marketing and printing partner.”

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