Foster Printing: A Happy, Productive Place

Workers inspect a job being produced on Foster's 81", six-color KBA Rapida 205 UV sheetfed offset printing press.

Darrell Matthews loads large-format Fuji plates into the Screen platesetter.

Bindery supervisor Dario Gutierrez (left) readies the 110" Sabre cutting system, with help from cutter operator Rafael Pacheco.

Is it possible to be content, yet not satisfied? Obviously, the minute that a company lifts its foot off of the accelerator, bad things happen…if you’re not growing, you’re slowing, as the adage goes. But some firms have carved themselves a strong niche, a stronghold that promises a bright future, without bursting at the seams.

That might well be the case for Foster Printing, a large-format trade printer based in Santa Ana, CA. Primarily a provider of color packaging (labels), POP displays, signage and posters, Foster has the capacity to expand upon its $14.93 million annual output, given its explosive growth in UV sheetfed offset printing. Foster’s large-format UV capability was given a shot in the arm following its November 2012 installation of a six-color, 81˝ KBA Rapida 205 UV press (dubbed the world’s largest press).

So, while Foster Printing does not feel compelled to rule the world, the executive leadership team is fairly happy with dominating their small corner of it. Tim Blackburn, company president, is proud of how far the company has come since it was acquired by his father, Dennis, in 1988.

“The last six years have really been amazing for Foster,” he notes. “The growth we have experienced has surpassed what we’d done prior to that in the history of the company. And we feel like we’ve hit our mark for where we need to be—we’ve improved on turnaround, quality and capacity.”

UV printing has certainly been a driving force for Foster Printing. In addition to turnaround and quality improvements, it has allowed Foster to produce unique, value-added work, as well as comply with California’s stringent environmental regulations. Printing on substrates ranging from 50-lb. to 48-pt., Foster can UV print on paper and plastics, as well as matte and gloss coatings. The UV process enables the printed sheets to cure immediately, aiding efficiency and throughput.

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