TPS Marketing Teams Up with Relyco to Offer 3D Promotional Items and Packaging

DOVER, NH—August 7, 2012—Relyco, a leading provider of value-added business printing and payment solutions, announced a partnership with TPS Marketing Group (TPSMG), a leading provider of solutions and services that automate and enhance multichannel sales and marketing initiatives. Specializing in variable data programming, printing and 3D promotional campaigns, TPSMG will use Relyco’s DigiPOP digital packaging solutions to create custom personalized marketing campaigns that are proven to deliver results above and beyond traditional direct marketing.

Relyco will also now offer TPSMG services as part of its own marketing services.

“TPSMG takes a very unique, fully personalized approach to direct marketing and it all starts with an impact deliverable that gets opened,” said Ted Hebert, vice president of marketing at Relyco. “Using our DigiPOP digital packaging solution templates, TPSMG can now quickly create over a hundred different 3D packaging and promotional items on demand using its digital presses. This enables TPSMG to keep the messaging fresh and personal for its clients.”

With Relyco’s DigiPOP and its variable data printing (VDP) capabilities, TPSMG is creating a real “wow” factor for its customers. The latter is now quickly delivering direct marketing campaigns with such a unique and creative appearance and superior quality that it is exponentially increasing the success of each campaign to an additional 30, 40, or even 50 percent above statistical response averages.

“Personalization throughout our direct marketing campaigns is what makes them so successful for our customers. Every step of the process is personalized from the delivered packaging and promotional items to the integrated print and online deliverables,” said John Pankanin, vice president of sales and marketing for TPSMG. “With DigiPOP, Relyco provide us with dozens of 3D packaging solutions that we can customize using our variable data programming and printing capabilities.”

Relyco’s DigiPOP digital packaging solutions eliminate the cost and time barriers of getting a customized and personalized 3D mail, promotion, or presentation piece into the hands of the targeted audience. The formats are comprised of specially designed “flat sheet” flexible and foldable packaging substrate templates that are optimized for nearly all of the most popular and widely used large-format laser and standard digital press equipment.

Using a patented, break-clean edge technology, DigiPOP enables printers to produce efficient, short-run custom packaging with exceptional print quality and easy folding capability for impressive presentation. Examples of available templates include golf ball sleeves, flash drive mailers, gift boxes, and many more unique items.

TPS Marketing Group (TPSMG) is a comprehensive one-stop solutions provider of professional services. Located in Wichita, KS, the company’s goals are to allow corporations of all sizes to improve the control and management of their communications, campaigns, and associated collateral and promotional materials. Organizations call on TPSMG to create and execute scalable and secure marketing and collateral management solutions. TPSMG provides its clients with a full range of printing, print related services, web-based marketing solutions and more. Their innovative digital printing and web-based solutions and services can increase responses and reduce costs to your current marketing agendas. This result creates a streamlined and automated successful print communication strategy and increases your responses to your web-based marketing efforts.

About Relyco
With over 20,000 customers worldwide, Relyco is a leading provider of value-added business printing and payment solutions, including custom digital packaging, waterproof paper, ePayment software, carbonless laser forms, and more. As one of the largest distributors of laser and digital applications, including laser checks and other high-security documents, Relyco’s long-standing membership in the ASC X9AB check processing committee and extensive experience with fraud prevention strategies and new forms technologies positions it as the most innovative leader in the business printing solutions field. Relyco’s customers include Google, PepsiCo, Samsung, Adobe and Microsoft.

Source: Relyco.